40/40 Show

SPACe came into being 40 years ago, and we’re having a celebration show to commemorate it. Just for fun, we’re all using 8″ plywood plaques, that will sell for $40. There is no limit for what can be done with the plaques, so it can be anything from painting them, … continue reading

Rodeo Nail Mosaic

I’m tired now.  All of this incessant pounding has really done a number on my right elbow.  So, I think I’ll lay off the hammering for a good while. Knowing that this would be my last, I wanted it to be the most elaborate I’ve ever done.  And it is.  … continue reading

Website for Kathy Hill Art

My pal, Kathy Hill, is a fabulous artist. She can do just about anything, working in any medium. From landscapes to pets, this is Da Woman. Amazing stuff.  Because we live in southern Colorado, much of her work features our local mountains, the Spanish Peaks.  There is nobody who can … continue reading

Wolf Nail Mosaic

I must have found my niche, without realizing it.  The idea of doing these projects over the long term never really crossed my mind, but it seems that when I finish one I’m already mulling over what the next one is going to be on a subconscious level.  Is this … continue reading

SPACe has a New Look

The time had come for the Spanish Peaks Arts Council to get some new clothes (or maybe a new facelift if that’s what it is) to present to the world.  Since I’m a member, I felt compelled to jump on this idea from the beginning of the discussion.  This sounds … continue reading