Engraved and frayed

jeans laser engraved with bordering holes

OK, so this is my first try at laser etching jeans, but I thought they came out pretty cute myself. They’re a little understated, but still have just enough wow power to make a subtle statement.

The design itself is carved into the face of the denim in horizontal stripes, to make sure the effect wouldn’t get lost in the grain of the fabric. Then the edges surrounding the design have little burned holes at regular intervals. Sort of a combination of grunge and nice.

When I first pressed the start button on the laser, I had no idea what to expect. And, in fact, even when they came out afterward, I still wasn’t sure how this project would go… but I popped them into the washer & dryer anyway. Sure enough, they came out with little tiny fringes of frayed denim all the way around. Pretty nifty! I hope they fray even more now.

Take a look at the whole design on the leg here.

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