Biker chick

laser engraved jeans for the biker chick

I wanted to branch out into other things besides flowers, but retain the grunge styling, and this is the latest thing I came up with.

The wings and hearts seemed like they’d be about right, but what would I know? I’ve never done that in my life… and no doubt never will. But I think if I did ride a bike, I’d probably wear something along the line of this. Maybe I should have asked my neighbor, who is a biker herself, and an expert on this kind of thing. Too late now, huh?

I like them, and thought they came out pretty cool, LOL. See a closeup of the detail by clicking the link below, and if you’d like to send me yours to have them engraved this way, just contact me through this link, or the one in the Info menu above, to send me your jeans.

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