Graduating class

There’s a good chance all of us know someone who will be a Class of ’12 graduate this year. And, of course, being a Surviving Senior is a pretty big deal (wahoo – at last) so it just seemed to me that I should include something like this in my growing collection of artwork. Of course, the year can be changed as needed to accommodate any year at all, but you get the idea.

Maybe this would be a good idea for any gal entering her senior year this coming fall, so let’s change it to Class of 2013 and make up some custom laser etched jeans to brag about. Get in touch about sending your own jeans, that fit the way you like, and I’ll jazz them up for you. There is a link to the contact form for that on the Info menu above,¬†and right¬†here . Give me a shout, and we’ll make a plan.

The design is engraved on the thigh. You can see the positioning and have a look at the detail by clicking the link below.

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