Steampunk Duck

Steampunk Duck

Imagination is the heart of steampunk.  It’s such a fascinating idea to mix things that were never intended to go together.  Although I dearly love the look, I lack both the materials and tools to accomplish the wonderful things I’ve seen others do.  How much do I love this keyboard right here?

So, with the problem of not being able to make these fabulous things out of real metal parts, I had to do the next best thing, and begin making virtual ones.  Armed with enough time, a wacky idea, and my beloved Photoshop, I was ready to get going on this new obsession.

Since there were no rules to be followed, it could be anything.  For instance, how about steampunking a duck?  Why not?

I quickly fell in love with this little guy, from the moment I first saw him.  Something about the way he was standing there ready to take on the world that made me want to help him along in his journey.

So with all sorts of pieces parts, and a lot of playing in Photoshop, I now present you a total transformation.

I think he looks pretty cute myself.

See him printed on canvas and framed, hanging on my front wall here.

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