Gears Steampunk Font

In my recent obsession with steampunk artwork, I noticed that there were a lot of Victorian font faces that would coordinate with the theme very well, but there was nothing I could find that actually had the gears and levers already incorporated into them.   The world was lacking in a gears font.

Enter yet another obsession:  creating OTF and TTF fonts!   There was a lot to learn about the creation of a font from start to finish, and no doubt I could have started with something a little easier for a first product, but after making the decision to fill that void in the font world, there was no turning back.

The finished product turned out exactly as I envisioned it from the beginning, and I found that it worked well in graphics use when adding bevels and various gradient and shadow effects.   I’m really pleased with how this turned out, and have been accepted at MyFonts as a new foundry.

This steampunk font contains over 200 glyphs, in both upper and lower case, and should work for both American and European artists.   Stop by my new place at MyFonts and do a little playing around with it!

(But if you already know for sure how much you love it and want it, there’s a button below to make the purchase right now!)

Gears Font in OTF and TTF formats


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