Memo Font

Meet the real me.  Even in this day of communicating by means of keyboards and text messages, there are occasions where it’s still necessary to pick up a pen and write it out it by hand… the old fashioned way.  So that’s just what happened here.

Substituting a small USB tablet and stylus in place of paper and pen, the result came out the same.  Rather like a self portrait.

Having an everyday font is actually pretty handy for making things seem a little more personal.  A little less machine, and a lot more human.  That seems to work.

The Memo font is now available in both ttf and otf formats, for anyone who wants to turn out some casual correspondence, kids’ birthday invitations, or (get this) real lists of things to do…. that won’t get done.  And no… I don’t have a garage or an attic, so this illustration below is totally imaginary.

Get Memo here


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