Snarky Font

It occurred to my friends and me that we’re all missing one important thing… a font that illustrates a true snarky attitude in the written missive.  There are so many occasions where a sarcasm font is needed, and nothing says sarcasm like a snarling or horrified face incorporated into the body of the text.

So, I have just created the perfect thing to fill that void in our lives.  The world is now complete, yes?

Snarky uses faces and finger pointing.  It has symbols that will perfectly describe your point of view by simply typing one of the keys on your keyboard, selecting it and changing to the Snarky Font, and then sizing it to an appropriate glaring illustration…  There are twenty various snark symbols available to you by simply choosing among the lower case letters “a through t” on your keyboard.

Check out the possibilities below, and get Snarky today!  Send all your friends to get their own copy of Snarky while you’re at it.  At less than a buck, the price is right so everyone can have one!

a sarcasm font for everyone

Get Snarky here


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