Zebra Font

I had no particular plan in mind about doing a zebra font when this popped into my mind. It’s not like I had a job to do that required any such thing.  But it sounded like it could be useful to someone out there, and besides… I thought the image of the laughing zebra was just too cool.  I think dolling her up was even more fun than making the font itself.  (Thank you, Juliane Riedl for making your image available for inspiration!)

Naturally, this font is best used at a large size, and would work well for either screen printing or t-shirt vinyl.  Could there be a zebra mascot for a ball team even?  I’d have no idea, but this would be mighty fine for the lettering on spirit wear if there were one.

I’ve got zipped files of both the otf and ttf font formats ready, and waiting for the right person to put it to good use.  If you’ve got the zebra project, I’ve got the zebra font for it!

Get Zebra here


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