Everyday Life Clock – Laser Engraved Saltillo Tile

It’s true.  Everyday life is so repetitive that it’s like clockwork, no?  Each person does the same things at the same times without even giving it a thought.  So let’s mark the hourly occasion, OK?

I began this project with a regular 12″ saltillo floor tile.  When the laser burns through the surface glaze, it turns the inner clay into a glasslike substance.  Very shiny and smooth.  Of course, it takes the maximum power from the laser, and a very longggg time to burn through a surface like this, but the result is really pretty classy looking.  Now, drilling the hole in the center for the clock works is another matter.  I had to resort to the old fashioned drill and bit for that.  But with patience, it CAN be done!

On a side note here, it’s a great method to use on tiles that will be outdoors (minus the clock, obviously), so the approach is a really nice idea for accent paving or even pet grave markers.  I’ve had a number of occasions that called for something like this, and it worked out great to have all the specs worked out in advance, so I could just start in on a project directly.

everyday-life-clock everyday-life-clock-detail

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