Website Design for Trujillo Creek Outfitters


I’ve been embroidering shirts and ball caps for Daniel Borrego of Trujillo Creek Outfitters for many years.  This spring he needed a new website created, and since I was the one who designed his logo, he asked me if I could put something together for him.  Of course, I answered with “hell yes, I’d love to!”

The goal was to compile his large collection of photographs from past hunts, and to lay things out in such a way that they would all be accessible and organized.  He needed to post information about hunting laws in the State of Colorado, as well as forms to reserve hunts for the upcoming season.  At the time, neither of us had the slightest idea what our end result would turn out to be, so I had free rein to do whatever struck my fancy.  Daniel is a cowboy, and I’m a designer.  I got to do what I wanted.

I work in WordPress these days, after abandoning the idea of writing my own as I did in the past.  Why go to so much trouble when WordPress makes it such a breeze to create and update everything?  So, it was a matter of designing in Photoshop, organizing in WordPress, and just playing as I went along.

I’m pleased with the end result, and so is Daniel.   Stop by his new site to take a look at the whole thing, and if you know any hunters who would like to book a trip to Southern Colorado, there’s plenty of info on the hunts he provides, and links to both his contact info and Facebook page.  You won’t be disappointed.  Daniel is cool people.

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