Western Fonts in 3 Levels of Decoration

The term Old West conjures up memories of vintage movies and TV shows featuring saloons and dancehall girls. Old wanted posters and cowboys. Rowdy prospectors in the Goldrush, mountains and lots of wide open space.

Many of the lettering styles of those days are still in use, reflecting the past, present, and probably the future here. Western style fonts appear in the signage of bars, restaurants, casinos and ski areas. It’s a style that speaks of the way it once was in a nostalgic way.

This family of three fonts pays tribute to the Old West and its colorful history, with a semi-plain style, a decorated style, and a really lively rendition of our gaudy and raucous history from a century or more ago.

First of all, let’s be subdued and keep the decoration limited to the upper case letters and numbers only.  Let’s call this an everyday font.

Old West
Get Old West here:


And now, let’s add a little interest to the lower case as well. Honky Tonk
Get Honky Tonk here:


And finally, let’s go All Out and give it our best shot at wowzers. Melodrama
Get Melodrama here:


Think of the Janworx Western font family next time you have a project that needs a little extra pizazz.  You can choose among the decoration levels individually, or as an entire family!

Get the whole shebang here:

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