Open Range Art Dolls

My sister and I spent part of this evening at a Spanish Peaks Arts Council reception, where I will have my nail mosaic buffalo on display through the rest of the month.  There was a nice turnout, and we got to meet lots of friendly and gifted people to gab with for the evening.

One of the artists whose ear I bent for a long time (poor thing) makes these incredible dolls from locally-found natural materials, plus added pieces of fabrics & whatnot.  I just have to love the face on this particular one.  Can you identify what makes up the face?  It’s a sun-bleached vertebra from a long-deceased cow or steer.  And check out the arms…. these are rib bones.  All in all, I was just flabbergasted at the creativity of her work, and snagged a printed post card she had on hand to scan for this post.

Mary Jane Butler of Open Range Art Dolls really knocked my socks off with her work.

Open Range Art Doll

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