3D Laser Engraving on Wood

There’s something out there that I’ve always wanted to try, and that’s 3D laser engraving.  I just like the look of the 3D effect, and couldn’t live with myself any longer without trying it.  I had heard that creating the files to do this are not all that easy… and whoever said it was absolutely right.  It was a challenge that sort of took on a life of its own.

After maybe a dozen attempts, and many rejects thrown in the trash, I finally managed to turn out something I liked.  My wood was not thick enough to get as deep as I’d have liked, but the effect turned out pretty good anyway.

I thank my pal from Los Angeles for allowing me to experiment with a logo belonging to one of her customers, and I dutifully packaged up the result to send her.  That way, I can move a project that would sit forever on my desk to now sit forever on hers.  A great way to clean house.  Send it to someone else!


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