Huerfano County Fire Department Plaque

Merry Christmas to the Huerfano County firefighters as well!  It looks like there will be a surprise gift buried in the box of ball caps & beanies they’ll be picking up soon, and they’ll likely find this when they begin to hand things out at their annual Christmas party.

It’s fun to do off-the-wall stuff for the unsuspecting pals who have been with me for so many years.  Gads, has it been nearly 18 years that I’ve embroidered all their jackets and caps?  Yup, sure has.

I still had another piece of self-sticking laser material for the logo (wow, people are getting a LOT of this stuff this year) and only needed to find something to put it on.  Being the packrat I am, I dug around in the back of my shop and found a nice piece of 1×12 that looked like a good candidate for a project.  Ran it through the band saw, and created my idea of a good plaque.

How handy it is to already have the logos on file in the computer.  With a little tweaking of the file, I was ready to roll.  Here’s the result.  I have no idea what they’re going to do with it…  LOL!

Huerfano County Fire Department Plaque

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