More 3D Engraving

Let’s get back into the 3D stuff again, and get serious about practicing this new format.  If there’s anything I dearly love to do, it’s learn something new.  No matter how long it takes, there’s always a feeling of accomplishment at the end of a long process, and I want to go there.

It seemed like the best approach would be to find something with simple but clean lines to get the ball rolling again, so I borrowed the logo of one of my good friends, Jeff at GA K9, for my experiment.

Once I had settled on what I wanted to do, the objective was how to go about it.  Creating the file turned out to be more involved than I expected, because it requires contouring and gradient fills done in grayscale to get the rounded smooth edges.  The laser can see the difference in grayscale values much better than human eyes, and it acts accordingly when applying power during the engraving process.

This was my second foray into a new idea, and it came out not too bad for a newbie.  There is yet a little tweaking to be done on the artwork file, and repeated testing, but it looks like I’m on the right track to smooth things up.  For the sample, I only had a piece of plywood on hand to play with, but with some nice hardwood plaques the result could be outstanding, methinks.  And useful.  Stay tuned.  There’s still much to be learned here.


Update:  Here is a finished project.  Putting it on nice maple plaques made a huge difference, yes?

Jeff Final Plaques

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