Pennies from Heaven

So, here we go again.  This time, I needed to find a project for an upcoming art show at the gallery where I’m a member.  I was wanting to incorporate the laser work into a larger piece somehow, and all I had on hand that would fit into the machine was a piece of 1×12 pine.  I took a fancy to the idea of Pennies from Heaven, and wondered if there was a way to incorporate that into a new piece.  I think of the beggar woman as a self-portrait.

The laser was used for the woman herself, in as deep of a 3D effect as I could manage on this particular piece of wood.  Then the background had to be chiseled away by hand for the relief effect.  I thought how fortunate it was that there was a deep knot in the wood at a perfect position and size to accommodate a penny.  Then it was only a matter of digging out slots for the remaining pennies tumbling from the sky, painting, and finishing.  And, of course, building a removable stand for the back, so it can sit on a flat surface or be altered to hand on a wall.

I really like her.



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