My Sis the Guinea Pig

On a whim, I had the bright idea to try something I’ve never attempted before.  (Using colored pencils to draw a real person, I mean.)  Well, to be truthful, I’m totally clueless about what to do with colored pencils, and have never tried to use them for anything at all. That needed to be changed.

Since Clueless and Fearless are not necessarily mutually-exclusive, I only needed a victim.  My subject came in the form of my sister, Diana.  Thank you, Diana!  (even though you didn’t exactly condone this, or even know about it)

As they say, you only live once… and it occurred to me this might be my last living project after finishing it and showing her the result.  Of course, I could have hidden it from her, but then that takes the sport out of things, doesn’t it?  Diana is a good-natured sort though, and accepted my submission with her usual forgiveness.  It wasn’t such a bad first try for someone who has no idea what she’s doing, and it’s at least recognizable as being her.  (But then, who out there really knows what she looks like?)

It will encourage me to give it another whirl, and learn from the mistakes I made on this one.

Hi Diana

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