Carousel Horse

Enough of the quiet projects, like drawing.  Back to the hammer, and pounding in a bunch of nails.  I don’t know why it is, but there’s something about pounding the nails that’s incredibly soothing.

This time, I decided to try something entirely new with them.  Since a carousel horse is by nature a colorful thing, it seemed only appropriate to make this representation the same.  I looked at every possible way of staining nails that I could find in a search, and all of them required more chemistry than I could ever understand, plus an overpowering desire to kill myself with the resulting fumes.  So, that left only one thing I could think of:  Paint them with common enamel.

Sacrificed in this project were my best watercolor brushes, but I felt that it was for good cause, and was more than happy with the result.  This piece will now be on display for the month of July at the SPACe gallery in La Veta, Colorado.  These days, I’ve gotten a lot more practical, and have begun making things that are small enough to fit in my car when I need to take them to a show.  That way, I can toss them in, and go anywhere on a moment’s notice.  As opposed to the earlier nail projects, this one’s positively tiny at 24″ x 22″.  We get smarter as we get older.

Click on the image for a larger version, and there’s a link below for a close-up of some detail.

Carousel Horse
have a look at the detail

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