A Hummingbird for Diana

Merry Christmas, Diana!  Although I got you a regular present, I wanted to give you something personal as well.  I wanted it to be something I had done myself, especially for you.

Knowing you and Mom always had a fondness for feeding the hummingbirds, I made you a drawing… in honor of both of you, I guess.  But I didn’t want the little guy to be drinking from your feeder.  I wanted him to be all finished emptying your feeder.  So, here he is.  All full, and full of himself.  Fluffed out, and waiting for his dessert.

You have a one-of-a kind mat in your frame as well.  I just couldn’t leave it alone, so I used the laser to cut little holes around the oval of the top one, because I thought you’d like that.

Love, J
Fluffed Hummingird

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