Elk Nail Art Sculpture

There was just too much silence around here for the last year or so.  Doing paintings and things of that sort don’t make nearly enough noise, right?  The time had finally come to get out the hammer and lumber, to start again.  And besides, this was an actual request from an interested buyer who had seen the buffalo one in the John Deaux gallery.  OK, I can do that.

By far, this is the heaviest one I’ve ever done.  The plywood is bigger and thicker than before, and it took major effort to get this one on & off my work table each day.  (I do have a regular job, alas)  Let’s just say I’m not very big, and this thing (not including the base frame) weighs way more than I do.  Ha, like about twice as much.  At least I have the sense to design these things in such a way that they disassemble for moving, although “sense” is not always my strong suit.  It really is movable.

My pal at the bank has already asked for it to display in the lobby for awhile, so if I don’t hear back from the person requesting a nail elk sculpture in the next week or so, then the bank shall be its first introduction to the public.  Anyone from Colorado who happens to be passing through this way, stop by to see my handiwork at the Huerfano County Branch Bank of the First National Bank in Trinidad.  It will probably be there for a few months.

elk sculpture made from nails

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