SPACe has a New Look

The time had come for the Spanish Peaks Arts Council to get some new clothes (or maybe a new facelift if that’s what it is) to present to the world.  Since I’m a member, I felt compelled to jump on this idea from the beginning of the discussion.  This sounds like a Janet project, if I ever heard one.

SPACe is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) community-based and member-owned organization dedicated to support of the arts and art education. It’s had a long history on the web, and displays photos and information about monthly shows & events going back to the summer of 2005.

Our Fearless Leader, Kathy Hill, has been the webmaster from the beginning, working in her original version of FrontPage all this time.  I’m a WordPress person (who pushed her into doing this) so we put our heads together and came up with a new look, and a new format, for her to move forward with her chronicle of SPACe’s plans, its current projects, and its extensive history.  I am merely the one who built the foundation she’ll be using into the future.

Visit the new SPACe and dink around for awhile.  We’ll be glad to see you!


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