Wolf Nail Mosaic

I must have found my niche, without realizing it.  The idea of doing these projects over the long term never really crossed my mind, but it seems that when I finish one I’m already mulling over what the next one is going to be on a subconscious level.  Is this the definition of obsession or what?

Once, long ago, I did one of a wolf.  The whole body was done, and I was ready to start on the head, when I realized that the plywood was becoming squishy.  Having put too many nails too closely together – extensively – it basically turned into toothpicks, barely held together by the force of the nails that were pounded into it.  So, I had to abandon the project, because there was no saving it at that point.

Ever since, I suppose I’ve had a wolf in the back of my mind, and finally got to work on replacing the original with a different version about a month ago.  This time, only the head.  Since it was a head-only project, it needed a border.  And then, thinking about what that border would look like, I began to eyeball the laser, thinking it would be cool to carve out a background of aspen trees.

The entire rectangle would never come close to fitting into the laser, but by doing the oval cut out separately, and engraved half at a time, it barely fit into the allowable space in the machine (by disabling all the safety features and leaving the door open, hardeeharhar).  Lining it up half at a time was a major undertaking, and I worried through the whole thing.  For the hours and hours it took to do.  Like an entire Saturday from morning ’til late at night.  But it worked, and I was ready to start with the nails.

I was really pleased with the way this one turned out.  It’s nowhere near as large as what I usually do, but that’s a plus when moving it to put on display.  It’s currently being shown at the Spanish Peaks Arts Gallery through the month of May, and until June 6.  If it doesn’t find a buyer, then it will probably go to the local bank lobby for a month or two, before continuing to other shows.

So what will the next one be, Jan?  You know you can’t stand the idea of not having a project going on.  LOL

nail wolf


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