Rodeo Nail Mosaic


I’m tired now.  All of this incessant pounding has really done a number on my right elbow.  So, I think I’ll lay off the hammering for a good while.

Knowing that this would be my last, I wanted it to be the most elaborate I’ve ever done.  And it is.  Although I’m not a rodeo gal myself, I loved the form of the horse and rider, so that became my final project.  There is no way to adequately represent all the elements of the horse and rider in only nails.  Plus, it would have just seemed boring.  I knew I needed something for straps and ropes.  Not to mention the necessary rings and buckles to go with them.  And then there was the fringe.

In the end, I settled on tin-plated copper braided ground wire for the straps, and steel for the fringe of the cowboy’s chaps.  Chromed rings for the connectors, and some kind of steel clamp for the stirrup.  Rebar fasteners for the mane.  That way, every single thing in the entire piece would be metal.

I slaved for six weeks, beat myself up, and bled, but am totally happy with the final piece.  It was worth it.

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