Website for Kathy Hill Art

My pal, Kathy Hill, is a fabulous artist. She can do just about anything, working in any medium. From landscapes to pets, this is Da Woman. Amazing stuff.  Because we live in southern Colorado, much of her work features our local mountains, the Spanish Peaks.  There is nobody who can paint the Spanish Peaks like Kathy.  Here is one of my favorites.

For many years she’s had a website, and displayed images of her past and present paintings there. Her collection of work is massive. Literally in the hundreds. When it came time to update her website, I jumped up and waved my hand first, so I could be the one to consolidate it all into a new format.  Its clean lines seemed appropriate for displaying her paintings without being distracting, and it now flexes to fit into our mobile world on just about any device.

Her work is now displayed in mosaic galleries under both subject matter and medium. She has an archive of sold paintings, and a section for ordering prints. Her classes are listed, and her credentials.

Looking around through her stuff is well worth the time, whether you favor landscapes or florals, or even Dog Bar Bikers.  There’s something there for everybody.

It was a pleasure to work on her site, and I’m flattered that she trusted me to do so.

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