40/40 Show

SPACe came into being 40 years ago, and we’re having a celebration show to commemorate it. Just for fun, we’re all using 8″ plywood plaques, that will sell for $40.

There is no limit for what can be done with the plaques, so it can be anything from painting them, to collage and fiber, or beyond.

I chose “beyond”.

For the bird, I cabbaged parts out of an old hard drive, and added screen wire, and a few other things found around the house. For the digital garden, it was circuit boards and computer parts with odds and ends, including tape from an old cassete, and a ribbon cable from a motherboard.

This should be a fun show with everyone’s plaques displayed on the gallery walls all at once. The variety we’ll end up will be huge.

Ha!!  Both of them sold within the first half hour.  Go figure, eh?  Somebody else likes “crazy” too.

hard drive bird

digital garden

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