Peeking through the Keyhole

Technology in Art is the theme of this show.  Cool.  I’ve got plenty of that around here.  I asked my sister for ideas.  In ten seconds I had my next project.  She said I should do a keyhole. and show what you would see if you were looking through it.  Off and running!

A keyhole leads to a doorplate, and a doorplate needs a knob.  So, we’re looking at doing the whole shebang here.  I had laserable plastic that was gold on black, so that’s a start.  Then the plate needs to be on a door, so how could I depict that?  I spotted a ton of cardboard boxes that I should have gone through and tossed out ages ago that would be just dandy if they were cut into slices, threaded onto a couple of dowels, then framed.  Hundreds of slices of cardboard, cut out with the laser.

Now, we need a doorknob, and a sacrifice must be made.  In the kitchen I found an old melmac plate that was a little oversized, but we can’t be picky.  Top that with a gold lid from a Folger’s can, and I was in business.  The shaft of the doorknob is a section of a cardboard tube, and the whole thing is threaded onto a long bolt that runs all the way through from the front to the back of the piece.

We’re down to the fun part. Let’s cut out the keyhole and put something behind it.  And what would be a better idea than a lady reading a book in the bathtub.  (Thanks Creative Commons licensing!)

Recycle rules.  Here’s the result.

And here’s a closeup of the bathing lady.

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