Website for Kathy Hill Art

My pal, Kathy Hill, is a fabulous artist. She can do just about anything, working in any medium. From landscapes to pets, this is Da Woman. Amazing stuff.  Because we live in southern Colorado, much of her work features our local mountains, the Spanish Peaks.  There is nobody who can … (continue)

I Want to Learn Welding

One of the other artists I’ve been visiting with lately is Julie Burnham, who is a welder; and welding is something I’ve desperately wanted to learn for decades now.  I want to combine incongruous things to make a wonderful new whole.  I want to make junk into art! Julie obviously … (continue)

Open Range Art Dolls

My sister and I spent part of this evening at a Spanish Peaks Arts Council reception, where I will have my nail mosaic buffalo on display through the rest of the month.  There was a nice turnout, and we got to meet lots of friendly and gifted people to gab … (continue)