Back when we began restoring relations with Cuba, I got to thinking about the old classic cars they are so famous for, and decided to drum up a picture that captures the flavor of the country itself. This one is a combination of pen and watercolor.   … (continue)

40/40 Show

SPACe came into being 40 years ago, and we’re having a celebration show to commemorate it. Just for fun, we’re all using 8″ plywood plaques, that will sell for $40. There is no limit for what can be done with the plaques, so it can be anything from painting them, … (continue)

Rodeo Nail Mosaic

I’m tired now.  All of this incessant pounding has really done a number on my right elbow.  So, I think I’ll lay off the hammering for a good while. Knowing that this would be my last, I wanted it to be the most elaborate I’ve ever done.  And it is.  … (continue)

Wolf Nail Mosaic

I must have found my niche, without realizing it.  The idea of doing these projects over the long term never really crossed my mind, but it seems that when I finish one I’m already mulling over what the next one is going to be on a subconscious level.  Is this … (continue)