40/40 Show

SPACe came into being 40 years ago, and we’re having a celebration show to commemorate it. Just for fun, we’re all using 8″ plywood plaques, that will sell for $40. There is no limit for what can be done with the plaques, so it can be anything from painting them, … continue reading

Rodeo Nail Mosaic

I’m tired now.  All of this incessant pounding has really done a number on my right elbow.  So, I think I’ll lay off the hammering for a good while. Knowing that this would be my last, I wanted it to be the most elaborate I’ve ever done.  And it is.  … continue reading

Wolf Nail Mosaic

I must have found my niche, without realizing it.  The idea of doing these projects over the long term never really crossed my mind, but it seems that when I finish one I’m already mulling over what the next one is going to be on a subconscious level.  Is this … continue reading

Elk Nail Art Sculpture

There was just too much silence around here for the last year or so.  Doing paintings and things of that sort don’t make nearly enough noise, right?  The time had finally come to get out the hammer and lumber, to start again.  And besides, this was an actual request from … continue reading

Folklorico Watercolor

Let’s do something really colorful for a change.  Let’s try something that makes my limited skills push the envelope while we’re at it, eh?  As an idea, it sounded great.  But actually using watercolor for so many colors in such tiny places gave me fits.  I really have crazy ideas … continue reading