Twisted Star Font

Everyone can be a star, and a twisted one at that.  The idea here was to incorporate a distorted star and border into each glyph of this bold font, so that any text – used in any way – would have a star of its own.  Each of the upper … continue reading

Zebra Font

I had no particular plan in mind about doing a zebra font when this popped into my mind. It’s not like I had a job to do that required any such thing.  But it sounded like it could be useful to someone out there, and besides… I thought the image … continue reading

Memo Font

Meet the real me.  Even in this day of communicating by means of keyboards and text messages, there are occasions where it’s still necessary to pick up a pen and write it out it by hand… the old fashioned way.  So that’s just what happened here. Substituting a small USB tablet and stylus in place … continue reading

Snarky Font

It occurred to my friends and me that we’re all missing one important thing… a font that illustrates a true snarky attitude in the written missive.  There are so many occasions where a sarcasm font is needed, and nothing says sarcasm like a snarling or horrified face incorporated into the body of the … continue reading

Gears Steampunk Font

Steampunk with Gears Font in OTF and TTF formats

In my recent obsession with steampunk artwork, I noticed that there were a lot of Victorian font faces that would coordinate with the theme very well, but there was nothing I could find that actually had the gears and levers already incorporated into them.   The world was lacking in a gears … continue reading