Hello Parrot

For the month of March, the focus for the show at the SPACe gallery was “For the Birds”.  Since winter was still upon us here in Colorful (and often white) Colorado, my thoughts turned to tropical paradise for subject matter. Hello Parrot looks out at me through the open door … (continue)


I wanted to try some more of the dimensional carving for an upcoming art show.  For depth, it was only natural to focus on our own Spanish Peaks, also known regionally as the Huajatolla.  From this viewpoint, the West Peak (on the right) is somewhat behind the East Peak, and … (continue)

For My Bro’

So this is a quickie project, done on a moment’s notice.  I got a call from my brother who lives out of state, and he needed an address plaque made out of any materials I had handy, that could be stuck on his house in the mountains right away.  Although … (continue)

Pennies from Heaven

So, here we go again.  This time, I needed to find a project for an upcoming art show at the gallery where I’m a member.  I was wanting to incorporate the laser work into a larger piece somehow, and all I had on hand that would fit into the machine … (continue)

More 3D Engraving

Let’s get back into the 3D stuff again, and get serious about practicing this new format.  If there’s anything I dearly love to do, it’s learn something new.  No matter how long it takes, there’s always a feeling of accomplishment at the end of a long process, and I want … (continue)