Rodeo Nail Mosaic

I’m tired now.  All of this incessant pounding has really done a number on my right elbow.  So, I think I’ll lay off the hammering for a good while. Knowing that this would be my last, I wanted it to be the most elaborate I’ve ever done.  And it is.  … (continue)

Wolf Nail Mosaic

I must have found my niche, without realizing it.  The idea of doing these projects over the long term never really crossed my mind, but it seems that when I finish one I’m already mulling over what the next one is going to be on a subconscious level.  Is this … (continue)

Elk Nail Art Sculpture

There was just too much silence around here for the last year or so.  Doing paintings and things of that sort don’t make nearly enough noise, right?  The time had finally come to get out the hammer and lumber, to start again.  And besides, this was an actual request from … (continue)

Carousel Horse

SOLD Enough of the quiet projects, like drawing.  Back to the hammer, and pounding in a bunch of nails.  I don’t know why it is, but there’s something about pounding the nails that’s incredibly soothing. This time, I decided to try something entirely new with them.  Since a carousel horse … (continue)

Bear on a log

SOLD I once ran across a picture of a bear sitting on his log, and loved it so much I kept it on hand to use for a project.   You know how it is when you just have to save everything? While I was still in nail-pounding mode, I dug up my stashed … (continue)

Hello Buffalo!

SOLD I occasionally love to swing a hammer.  Even if I do pound nails like a girl.  Yep, it’s really true.  Especially if it’s something that really engages my imagination. A couple of times, I’ve happened to have some plywood, some fence posts, and 21,000 assorted nails on hand, plus … (continue)