Lavender Girlie Pet Feeder

Fine dining for the medium size poochette, every day!  What better way is there to make Princess feel like the royalty she is than to give her a personal dining table, complete with a lace table cloth, a napkin and elegant silverware.  And, of course, it’s in a true girlie lavender. Her dining device is hand crafted … continue reading

Blue Pet Feeder

It’s a pooch picnic all day, every day!  What better way is there to make Rover feel like royalty than to give him his own personal dining table, complete with checkered table cloth, a napkin and elegant silverware. His dining device is hand crafted from solid pine lumber, lovingly cut, … continue reading

Doggie Diners

Now that the days are getting a little warmer, it’s so easy to take the mess-making outside on the back sidewalk and get sunburned all at the same time.   And this latest event was a doozy for being  messy.  The idea came from a friend, who sent me a pic … continue reading