Folklorico Watercolor

Let’s do something really colorful for a change.  Let’s try something that makes my limited skills push the envelope while we’re at it, eh?  As an idea, it sounded great.  But actually using watercolor for so many colors in such tiny places gave me fits.  I really have crazy ideas … continue reading

Adobe House Watercolor

The theme of the upcoming October show will be “night skies”, and this one didn’t take a lot of thought about what I was going to do.  I love adobe houses.  I love the smooth sculpted lines of them.  I love everything about them, in fact.  And I dearly love … continue reading

Chile Roaster Watercolor

For the August show in the SPACe gallery, I needed a depiction of what “Autumn” looks like to me.  Well, that could mean a number of things, and my first impression was that autumn marks the end of my days of wearing short shorts for the season, which I always … continue reading