Who am I?

My name is Janet Valdez, and I have multiple personalities.  By day, I’m a commercial embroiderer, and have been for the last 20 years.  Visit the daytime Janet here at my embroidery blog.  In the evenings, and on weekends, I’m free to do whatever strikes my fancy, which could be anything at all.

My personal theme is “making something out of nothing” and it gives me a great deal of latitude in what I can do with my spare time, considering all the machinery and tools I have on hand.  So, I have no niche in my work.  Only ideas that come to mind.  Why not?

I also have a great appreciation for the work of many others, who are able to dream up things that would have never occurred to me.  It’s awesome how clever others can be, and I never tire of looking around the world to see what’s out there.  Wow, and it really is a big world, beyond the boundaries of Walsenburg, Colorado!  Go figure.  LOL

wanna see me?